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Sunday, January 15, 2006

What you Won't find at CanSock

There is a tonne (note the use of Metric - Canadian, eh?) of information for sock knitters out there on the Internet. I've spent many an hour clicking, scrolling, and reading. Many. Really. A LOT.

In all of that time, I've found lots of great and useful information, but also waded through WAY TOO MUCH personal, political, medical and religious information, as well as WAY TOO MANY broken links. So, when I was putting CanSock together, I decided to limit the links and the posts strictly to information that was of use to me when I was first exploring sock knitting. As such, CanSock will undoubtedly reflect some of my personal knitting biases, but I will do my best to keep things on topic.

So, I hereby promise not to post about my mood, my cats, or the weather. If you want to read that type of post, follow the sidebar links to Contributors' Blogs. Furthermore, I promise to regularly check all links posted in the sidebar to ensure they are still active and on topic.

In addition, there are many, many great sources for shopping online. In my attempt to focus on the needs of Canadian sock knitters, I will limit supply source links to Canadian online sources only. There won't be information about local yarns stores, as that is only useful to people living in a particular locality. I also won't open up the shopping links to U.S. or other online stores - but only because I can't list every source, and there are many, many online stores worldwide. By limiting the online shops to Canadian stores only, I can keep the links current.

When it comes to listing the online shops, I can only list the ones I know about. So, if you know of a source I have missed, please email me at cansock [@] telus [.] net. Before including the link in the sidebar, I will check to ensure that it sells sock yarn, but that is all I will do. So, I can not and will not guarantee any of the online sources I list - I can only list those that I know of, and all shopping is buyer beware.

CanSock will include links to free online generic "how to" patterns, but NOT to size specific "recipe" style patterns. Why? Because I can't test knit each pattern to ensure it is workable, so cannot comfortably recommend specific patterns. Also, I myself am not a pattern knitter, as my feet are larger than the standard sizing given in published sock patterns. I prefer to just "wing it" when knitting socks - I've knitted enough to know my gauge and my size, and tend to knit toe up, trying on as I go. If you are looking for free "recipe" style sock patterns, just use a search engine with key words specific to your desired pattern. There are hundreds out there for the choosing.

Again, it should be noted that this blog was created by a real live person, and is administered by said real live person. I, CanSockMom, retain the right to add, edit, or delete posts or links as I see fit. I have to limit things to a manageable size and format, and can only use so much bandwidth per month. If you can't find what you want at CanSock, you will probably be able to find it elsewhere. If there is something you think should be listed at CanSock, feel free to email me. However, let's keep things polite. We are, after all, Canadian.


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