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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Logan's Carbon Steel Socks

Knitter: ThatLoganChick

Yarn: slightly less than one skein of Socks that Rock in "Carbon" for the body, and less than half a 50g ball of Regia Stretch (steel blue) for toes & heels

Construction: Precursor Toes & Afterthought Heels, Toe up construction over 64 stitches, 68 stitches for calf, 2x2 garter stitch ribbed leg & top of foot, picot edge cuff

Needles: 2.5mm dpns for toes & heels, 2.5mm Addi Turbo for magic loop (body of both socks, one at a time)

Washing: not yet washed

Comments: had hoped for more pooling or flashing, but am happy with striping on legs. This was my first use of the "magic loop" construction, and went really fast - will use the single circular needle knitting method again.

Show Us Your Socks!

CanSock is all about Canadian Socks. So, if you are Canadian, and have finished knitting a pair of socks, we'd love to feature them here on CanSock! But, in order to avoid using too much bandwidth or having an unmanageably large site, CanSock will focus on posting only finished pairs of socks, and "learning experiences".

So, you won't be seeing post after post of the same sock, a few rows further each time. What you will see is detailed posts about finished pairs of socks, including a photograph, yarn used, needles used, and comments from the knitter. Or, if you've had a dismal sock failure that taught you a valuable lesson, share the agony (it helps to lessen the pain and aids others in learning from your experience).

To submit a learning experience, send an email to CanSockMom at: cansock [@] telus [.] net (email adapted to avoid spam - you know what changes to make!). If you have a photo, include it with the email. Let us know what happened, why it was a disappointment, and what you learned from it.

To submit your finished pair of socks, send an email to CanSockMom at: cansock [@] telus [.] net (email adapted to avoid spam - you know what changes to make!). Include a .jpg photo that shows the socks off nicely - we want to see the shaping, yarn, and patterning as well as possible. In the body of your email, please include as much information as possible. The more details you can provide, the better.

You may want to cut the following list of details, and paste it into the body of your email, filling in the information about your finished socks.

Made by: [your name or blog alias]

Yarn: [include name of yarn, colour (if known), quantity, etc.]

Needles: [size & type - ie 2.5mm circular, plus 2.5mm dpns for heels and toes]

Construction: [ie - short row toes, afterthought heels, 64 stitches, 1x1 ribbed cuff, stocking stitch leg] OR Pattern: [list designer & name of sock pattern]

Washing: [if you've washed them, list how they handled - ie machine washed on gentle, softened and bloomed to a fuzzy halo]

Comments: [this is where you can put the other stuff - whether you like them or not, comments about the yarn, what you'd change if you knitted them over, etc]

If you have made a submission and have a blog or website that you want linked, please include that information in your email, and your link will go in the sidebar.

CanSockMom reserves the right to edit your submission for length, and to compress your photo if required.

What you Won't find at CanSock

There is a tonne (note the use of Metric - Canadian, eh?) of information for sock knitters out there on the Internet. I've spent many an hour clicking, scrolling, and reading. Many. Really. A LOT.

In all of that time, I've found lots of great and useful information, but also waded through WAY TOO MUCH personal, political, medical and religious information, as well as WAY TOO MANY broken links. So, when I was putting CanSock together, I decided to limit the links and the posts strictly to information that was of use to me when I was first exploring sock knitting. As such, CanSock will undoubtedly reflect some of my personal knitting biases, but I will do my best to keep things on topic.

So, I hereby promise not to post about my mood, my cats, or the weather. If you want to read that type of post, follow the sidebar links to Contributors' Blogs. Furthermore, I promise to regularly check all links posted in the sidebar to ensure they are still active and on topic.

In addition, there are many, many great sources for shopping online. In my attempt to focus on the needs of Canadian sock knitters, I will limit supply source links to Canadian online sources only. There won't be information about local yarns stores, as that is only useful to people living in a particular locality. I also won't open up the shopping links to U.S. or other online stores - but only because I can't list every source, and there are many, many online stores worldwide. By limiting the online shops to Canadian stores only, I can keep the links current.

When it comes to listing the online shops, I can only list the ones I know about. So, if you know of a source I have missed, please email me at cansock [@] telus [.] net. Before including the link in the sidebar, I will check to ensure that it sells sock yarn, but that is all I will do. So, I can not and will not guarantee any of the online sources I list - I can only list those that I know of, and all shopping is buyer beware.

CanSock will include links to free online generic "how to" patterns, but NOT to size specific "recipe" style patterns. Why? Because I can't test knit each pattern to ensure it is workable, so cannot comfortably recommend specific patterns. Also, I myself am not a pattern knitter, as my feet are larger than the standard sizing given in published sock patterns. I prefer to just "wing it" when knitting socks - I've knitted enough to know my gauge and my size, and tend to knit toe up, trying on as I go. If you are looking for free "recipe" style sock patterns, just use a search engine with key words specific to your desired pattern. There are hundreds out there for the choosing.

Again, it should be noted that this blog was created by a real live person, and is administered by said real live person. I, CanSockMom, retain the right to add, edit, or delete posts or links as I see fit. I have to limit things to a manageable size and format, and can only use so much bandwidth per month. If you can't find what you want at CanSock, you will probably be able to find it elsewhere. If there is something you think should be listed at CanSock, feel free to email me. However, let's keep things polite. We are, after all, Canadian.

CanSock: The What & Why

Welcome to CanSock - a place where sock knitting Canadians can share all of the ups, downs, and knowledge they have acquired through the sock knitting process.

This blog was created by me, the CanSockMom, as a place to gather together the information I spent hours (and hours and hours and hours) looking for when I first began knitting socks. I found an amazing amount of wonderful information on line, much of it from the U.S., Australia, and the U.K. I hope to make things a little less overwhelming by narrowing the focus strictly to the Canadian sock knitting experience.

As the site grows, postings will include information about successfully finished pairs of socks, and the lessons learned from failed socks, too. Contributors to CanSock will have the option of having their personal blogs or websites linked. The sidebar will include links to Canadian sources of sock knitting supplies, free "how to" style patterns, teaching sites, etc.

I hope that other sock knitting Canadians will come forward to share their socks through this blog, and that it will become a place for us to celebrate together.

Happy Sock Knitting!